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Tracparts has been around since 2001, starting from humble beginnings as a Tractor and Implements refurbishment business. Over the last 23 years, the business has grown from just being only a refurbishing company to being the largest tractor parts supplier in Zimbabwe.
Driving growth in Farming excellence
"Empowering agricultural progress, one part at a time.


HATTAT 290 tractor is built in Turkey with European standards and workmanship. The tractors features a genuine British assembly 80hp(60kw).HATTAT 290 models have a 4clyinder 1104 Perkins Engine under the hood. It has been used for many years and provide customer satisfaction in every year.

Available in 2wd and 4wd

  •  High performance and low fuel consumption
  • High pulling performance with perfect weight distribution via long chassis and ideal work situation with different wheel track settings

Mechanical Planters

Mechanical planter has 4 and 6, seed unit, sowing foot, disc coulter and disc. It is produced with fertilizer hopper and without fertilizer hopper. Seed machine is operated by means of mechanical system. Mechanical planter is operated with hydraulic lifting lever and universal three point linkage system. machine can be transported easily to the field. Mechanical planter can be used for precise seeding. Different type of seeds like corn, sun flower, cotton, sugar beet, soybean, peanut, and chickpea can be sowed on single row with this machine on every kind of cultivated soil. The most important specialty of the seed drill is not only the simplicity of the design but also the facility of the usage.

Boom sprays

Mounted type 400, 600, 800, 1000 L field sprayers are used for multipurpose plant protection. Sprayers are connected to the three point linkage of tractor and powered by P.T.O.With those sprayers all kinds of field crops could be sprayed.

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We serve our customers ranging from small scale to large scale commercial farmers.

Trailers - Mowers - Bowsers - Disc harrows


Chengetai Mawoyo

General Manager

A visionary entrepreneur with a passion to drive the companies diversified business portfolio. He plays a vital role in defining the company’s strategic outlook and steering the operations to excellence. Chengetai is a strong believer in the core values that drive business to growth and thereby transforming the future of the business to be a market leader affordably without compromising on quality. Being a trained accountant, no one is better able to work the figures for the benefit of the customer.

Erick Mawoyo

Managing Director

Aka “EID” has been instrumental in chartering the growth of Tracparts to be the leading tractor parts supplier in Zimbabwe. Erick, a Mechanic by trade, he is the backbone of the company providing a wealth of knowledge and technical know-how acquired from years of experience working for some of the largest known companies in Zimbabwe. Under his leadership the company has successfully navigated unprecedented challenges and consistently grown in market share and influence. Mr Mawoyo has strengthened Tracparts foundation by leveraging its inherent ethic on the company being “customer centric” and providing value to the customer.




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